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Learn more about NATUREALLY !

Natureally about us


Discover in this short infography how Natureally intends to protect Nature through design boimimicry


Natureally was born from the idea of ​​combining nature, graphics and fashion.

Around these concepts, the project has developped and, over time, brought together many people from different backgrounds.

Today, Natureally team is proud to present its products, and the common values ​​shared by the team, which will constitute the DNA of the company:

Public awareness, through expanding the knowledge of species, biodiversity and wealth.

- The environment, through the use of fabrics and own processes (Oeko Tex Textiles, digital printing) and local production (Portugal).

- The purchase commitment, leading a 5% donation policy of selling products at protection agencies on the Site and clothing.

- Innovation, by creating original designs that reinvent fashion.



Natureally and its partners commits to respect fundamental principles, such as environmental, ethical and social, in the respect of women's work and men, and the preservation of natural resources.

As such we have decided to respect the following constraints:

- Use of natural products (cottons, silks) certified Oeko-Tex® and digital textile printing, consuming much less ink than traditional technologies. Linings may nevertheless be in

- Localized manufacturing Portugal guaranteeing de facto working conditions and respect for the environment, in addition to minimizing pollution from transport.

- A policy of transparency: suppliers and partners will be communicated to consumers and associations.

- A French design: all the products and work of stylists, designers, graphic designers and biologists are made in France.

- The payment of 5% of sales to organizations working for the protection of species and their environment.


Products :

All our garments are made of 100% cotton or silk.

The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a control system and independent certification for textile raw materials, intermediate and finished products at all stages of treatment. Examples certifiable items: Gross sewing thread and dyed / processed, raw fabrics and knits and dyed / processed, manufactured goods (clothing of all kinds, home textiles, bed linen, terry, textile toys (and many other)).

TEXTILE DIGITAL PRINTING: Digital printing is a reproduction technique for printing fabrics directly from computer data. Digital printing generates less waste chemicals and pollution mainly by consumption of inks smaller than the other methods.

The production :

The production line for the manufacture of the fabric, printing and finishing is integrally located in Portugal, to promote:

- A local labor, value added, reducing unnecessary transport, the primary cause of pollution.

- Top quality: Portugal is a textile country for centuries and has preserved production capacities which are essential today for wishing to produce cleanly, humanely and provide quality products.

- Better reactivity: If modified trends or tastes, reactivity is also a factor minimizing unsold, destruction of products or unnecessary storages.

The manufacture of the son is made in Europe (mainly Portugal, but assi Spain, Italy).

Raw cotton is of Asian origin (Pakistan).

The transparancy :

As for the donations to partner organizations, Natureally has decided to provide the list of suppliers for finished products and components used along the production steps.

Suppliers are usually confidential data and part of the confidential information of a company. However, in the concept of Natureally project, the consumer must be able to judge the origin of their purchases and be aware of how the products they buy are produced. For Natureally, the products are manufactured by the following companies:

- Processing: The manufacture of clothing is made by the company VITAL & RELVAS, Lda Rua José Antunes Guimarães // 80 // Gualtar 4710-079 - BRAGA. This company is managing the manufacture of all Natureally products within 80 km around dela city of BRAGA namely T-shirts, dresses, skirts, shirts, scarves.

- Fabrics printing : Acatel: Rua do Barreiro, 310 - Gilmonde / Apartado 159 / 4754-909 Barcelos Portugal.

- Manufacture of the mesh: The fabric is manufactured by Matias & araujo her, Tv Pedra da Cruz, 4750-543, Portugal..

The French Design:

Natureally is based on Tours and employs stylists / designers / designers / biologists based in the Paris area and the great West.

Natureally promotes 0 paper policy through the dematerialization of documents.

Donation Associations:

Natureally agrees contractually donates 5% of its sales (3-year renewable contracts) to nature friendly organisations or an annual minimum if the volumes are not achieved. These contracts are signed with the partner organisations.



Natureally is devoted to the defense of biodiversity through fashion. Thus the current technical and industrial constraints that define our commitments should not exempt us to continually look for opportunities to strengthen our environmental action. Various subjects are already being studied in order to achieve these objectives:

- Cotton is a natural fiber but consumes a lot of water and chemical treatments. Its environmental impact can be decreased (logistics flows, transport, storage, treatments, water) . Natureally is aiming to improve its cotton sourcing as soon as it will be financially possible.

- Inks: The digital textile printing, cleaner than screen printing used for the vast majority of clothing, can be further improved in chemical products and dyes, which are water-based in Natureally products. For this Natureally is listening to the latest innovations in this area with the intention, in agreement with the partners, to implement technical improvements as soon as the constraints will be lifted.



Natureally can so far not use organic fabrics (GOTS): in fact, color printing of biological tissues is not functional up to now.

Natureally plans to steadily improve its environmental commitments. But it is our volumes and our visibility that will give us the power to achieve these goals. So our limitations are imposed by the consumer, which is, ultimately, the ultimate decision maker concerning companies environmental and societal choicies !


The team Natureally