Ever wondered why nature has so many colors, and why at the same place we can find birds, snails, reptiles and much more with so much differents colors, shapes and patterns? Why would nature bother creating this amount of diversity, when no apparent functional need is pushing it? Well, somehow, during breeding period, the females must somehow select their males on some esthetic criteria... So during paring, there is a choice , made essentially by females, who accept or refuse males proposals. This probably key moment, that is also as crucial for us humans, is a choice that will afterwards lead to founding a family, or just get children depending on the species. But some strong yet hidden agendas come into play , a fine and alusive combination of factors that push females to choose. Males, also , can of course insist and have their word on this choice, or fight, parade etc. At the end , we have today a planet on which billions of years of choices and selection have given patterns, shapes, colors, behaviors that we are exterminating. Of course it is not our fault. As every invasive species (whatever that means^^), we try to conquer whatever we can, as told by our internal program, called life. NatureAlly is convinced that taking example of life, as would biomimicry do, for many things in our everyday's life ( clothing, eating, health, behavior, science ...) , could eventually lead to a much better comprehension of our planet and fin a bit more harmony in our daily madness.