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The history

Marc SITARZ Ireland


Welcome to NatureAlly


I'm Mark, inventor and founder of the NatureAlly concept. Born in Austria in 1979, I had the opportunity to grow up in different cultures and countries. During these adventures, I have developed a passion for discovery, exploration, and of course nature. For years I could trudge in the mountains, at the edge of the sea, and learn to know the environment.


Then came the age of reason.


My studies in France have guided me to the Engineering and science. My  engineering degree obtained, I continued my momentum by integrating automotive and rail industries. In parallel course, my passion for Wilderness took me all over Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, America ... From one discovery to another I realized that nature had answers to all the questions; wether it is art, science, creativity, and many other things. She understood everything.
Then, curious about the environmental situation, I began to realize that we could lose her before discovering what she has to teach us.


The shift


2 factors have upset the delicate balance of a "successfull management career". First children, which bring us back to our childhood and the simple happiness of nature, and secondly make us aware that we have a responsibility to them and instinctively turned towards the future. Our actions mean and our personal decisions are changing the world! Finally, in 2014, during a trip in Chukotka (Siberia) north of Egvekinot, an upsetting encounter with a Grizzly made me realize that life is little and that once can live according to our convictions.


The project


So I wanted to share the beauty and perfection of nature through a concept that be inspired by nature, pay tribute to it and protect it . The idea came during a dive in 2010 in Mozambique: Nature Ally. Use the beauty of chosen species to make sublime eco-designed clothes, and protect them through partnerships with local Non Governemental Organisations. In 2015, I left my executive position to jump into the unknown.


NatureAlly, designed by the Life, for Life!